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Los Angeles Brown and Black Outs

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Power interruptions are common nowadays because of high demand in electricity and the supply that can barely keep up and because of some other factors such as weather and accidents. Brown outs lack of power causing your appliances to seize working for just split second more like a power surge but the opposite. You can notice especially on lights and fans. Be sure that you seek for an electrical repair if your appliances were damage because of it.

On the other hand, black out is the complete interruption that can last for days in some areas. This is both scheduled and unscheduled. Most common cause of unscheduled is the weather usually after or during a storm or a hurricane power lines and power grid are damaged causing the supply to seize.

Preparing for this events can be easy and will be helpful

You can install emergency lights in places that needed to illuminated like your stairs, make sure that you hire a professional emergency electrician to install those for you, so it will properly and safely. Automatic lights like these should be maintained properly so when the time comes that they are badly needed they will work at their full potential.

Rechargeable lamps can be really handy too, be sure to keep them within reach and always full charge them, in times that they are not needed it will help the battery life if you will use then occasionally. Candles are often used because it doesn’t require any maintenance to work properly, however candles are dangerous especially if you have children at home. If you are using one be sure to settle in a secure container away from any flammable substance and object that easily catch fire like your curtain. Also be sure to unlight the candle before you go to bed. Common cause of candle related fire is they forgot to unlit it.

During the course of the power interruption, it is advisable to stay indoors at night. No streets lights can spell disaster whether you are driving or just crossing the street. Also, if you have elderly and children at home don’t let them stay to accident prone areas of your home like the staircase and anywhere that is slippery.

Accidents and fires are not the only hazard that pitch black environment give, many burglars take advantage of this opportunity to sneak into your home so be sure to lock all the door and windows with the keys kept within you so you can escape in case of any danger.

If the interruption was caused by a bad weather, be sure to have your circuitry and wiring check by a professional electrician just to ensure that they are working properly.

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